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Sustainability Statement

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, the Gundungurra and Darug people.  We would also like to pay respect to the Elders past and present and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people present.

The Smoking ceremony is one of the old time ceremonies the Darug people have maintained from Traditional times. In the old days, the Darug people were big believers in spirit activity and to ensure a peaceful atmosphere when you sat down with your hosts. It was considered good manners to go through the smoking ceremony to clear away any bad spirits (or energies) you may have inadvertently brought with you from your travels. Chris Tobin, Darug Custodian performed this ceremony with Lorraine Allanson across all four Mountain Whispers properties in a similar spirit acknowledging Lorraine’s personal journey and as a way of paying respect to the country and its people.  

“Thank you for the invitation to come and meet with you Lorraine, share your story and that of our people’s and assist you with this traditional, respectful and heartfelt ceremony”. Respectfully, Chris Tobin, Darug Custodian.

Mountain Whispers is dedicated to the comfort and well-being of our guests, although this dedication also extends to our concern for the health and well-being of our environment.  Whilst privileged to be located in, and a part of the UNESCO world heritage Greater Blue Mountains, it carries with it a great sense of responsibility – a responsibility we are communicating to all our guests during their stay with us.  This responsibility is also carried on throughout out day-to-day business within our Mountain Whispers office.

WHAT WE ARE DOING Within the Mountain Whispers properties

  • We are working with the Blue Mountains Heritage Institute on their “Low Carbon Tourism – Building Sustainable Communities” program.  The Initiative is an economic and behavioural change program that is being trialled in the Blue Mountains region of NSW.  It is based around the premise that the Blue Mountains community live and work within a highly sensitive World Heritage region. The communities’ long term financial, social, and ecological sustainability rely upon maintaining a healthy low carbon environment to support and promote a ‘clean green image’. This will assist in building economic resilience, and an enhanced sustainable hospitality and tourism sector in particular, as the major economic driver of the region.
  • We buy 50% Green Power across all our properties
  • We are upgrading all of our properties to make them more energy-efficient by improving the insulation and reducing the draughts than can occur in these houses of distinguished age.
  • We have installed limit switches to the central heating units to ensure temperature settings cannot exceed 21 degrees.
  • Central heating vents and unoccupied room doors are closed to ensure heating is directed to occupied rooms
  • All exterior lights are set to timers and sensor lights have been installed at all entry points
  • Floor heating in all bathrooms and dining areas have been set to timers
  • We have commenced replacing the existing lighting with more energy efficient LED lighting where possible and reducing average wattage
  • Water saving devices have been installed with temperature control pads to the hot water units
  • Operating ceiling fans where possible
  • Use wood heaters in winter
  • Replace dishwashers with the WELS (water efficiency rating) rating scheme

Within the Mountain Whispers office

  • All our toner cartridges are either refilled or recycled
  • Recycle single use batteries
  • Store correspondence electronically
  • Download software opposed to buying manuals which increases paper waste
  • Recycling stations for all paper


  • The luxurious curtains are not just attractive but will help to keep you cosy if they are drawn at the end of the day along with the blinds
  • Switching the lights off when going out or retiring for the evening will always save energy and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Switching off appliances like the TV and set top box when not in use
  • Turn central heating off when going out or retiring for the evening
  • Water is a precious resource, please use it wisely.  Only turn the dishwasher on when full
  • Only use the towels you require and leave the clean ones on the rail
  • Ensure all your scraps and rubbish are appropriately disposed of using the recycling bins provided.

What you can recycle:                     
–  Glass                                              
–  Aluminium cans                               
–  Recyclable plastic                             
–  Milk containers                               
–  Paper        
–  Single use batteries                                     

What you can’t recycle:
–  China
–  Food
–  Polystyrene
–  Drinking glasses
–  Paper towels